it’s a keeper

Halloween is almost here so it’s time to finish up those pre-winter tasks – endless raking of leaves (unless the wind blows them to a neighbor’s yard), blowing out sprinklers and switching to snow tires. And if you’re a farm CSA member, picking up the last of your summer vegetable share. A small number of farms … Continue reading it’s a keeper

how to build soup

An odd title for a midsummer post in Colorado. But we had a very odd midsummer cool, grey, drizzly day with almost an inch of much needed rain yesterday. It was such a relief from July’s heat, that I was inspired to make soup with the summer vegetables making their first appearances this month. And I say build rather than cook soup because that’s how I think of making a hearty full-bodied soup. Continue reading “how to build soup”

a tale of kale

So many types of kale – curly, ruffled, savoyed (with pebbly surfaced leaves), Russian, Tuscan, green, red, purple, white (really white-veined) and varieties called black and rainbow! And then we create different names for the same type of kale. Did you know that Tuscan, dinosaur, lacinato and black kale all refer to the same narrow, straight-edged, savoyed leaves? Continue reading “a tale of kale”

how to use a recipe

Or perhaps better titled, “how I use recipes”. Every weekend, Isabelle farm owner and vegetable whisperer Natalie and I chat about what she plans to harvest for members’ CSA shares that week. Usually her choices have already made an appearance at the Isabelle farm store, so I pickup a few to prepare in my home kitchen, try out a new recipe or two, photograph and post for your viewing and cooking pleasure. Continue reading “how to use a recipe”