let’s get real (food)

19 thoughts on “let’s get real (food)”

  1. Marilyn, what a fabulous post!! Loved your stories, photos, and the description of your quiche! I think that using what you have is so in line with the Food Revolution theme, as well as what makes quiche such a perfect, classic recipe.

    Your description of all of those meals your mom made growing up made me smile! What wonderful memories – and the cookbooks too! Terrific.


  2. Wow. What a post. I had to google Nisei Japanese population because I wasn’t familiar with that term. Second generation. As I recall the 1940s were a challenging time for you all. It’s interesting how your mother widened your young horizons with her cultural cooking. She might have been the Jamie Oliver of her generation. And, that your illustrious career was in the food world says even more about her. For the past 2 years when I am in Cali, I get a fruit and produce box from the surrounding farm community every week. I love that. And, that you incorporated it all into the quiche is educational for us all. Not so sure I could have gone with the king oyster mushroom in David’s dish! In the summer I get duck eggs from our farmer’s market when they are available. Everything you say about them is true. Your quiche is beautiful.


    1. Thanks, Mary! I didn’t even appreciate all of my mom’s efforts until I started composing this post. One of the unexpected and wonderful side effects of writing in a blog, like a shareable diary almost! Ohhh, I’m super jealous of your California fruit box, yummy!!!


  3. I was so touched reading this post — that “each night of the week we ate yummy food from a different part of the world,” cooked by your mom; and the cultural hurdle that must have been for her. Deep insights. Your mom is truly a hero, in my book. The way you carry on your personal food revolution is admirable, to say the least.


  4. This is a fantastic post! From the stories about your mother, your food philosophy, and the description of your choices for this quiche, I loved it all! Especially that this blog is your vehicle for food revolution – so apt.

    Your mother sounds a lot like my mother’s mother – she experimented with all sorts of cuisines through the 40s and 50s. Her influence is what made my own mother such a wonderful cook, which led to my brother becoming a chef.


  5. I loved reading your reminiscences of your mother cooking in the kitchen. It just goes to show how influential one person can be on the future of food. Your quiche looks lovely and you served it similarly to me. Yum!


  6. To echo everyone else…this is a fabulous post! I so enjoyed reading your recollections of your childhood and your mother. Truly touching. Such wonderful memories to treasure.
    Your quiche looks absolutely beautiful, as do your photos. I totally agree with you about this crust. The texture and flavor were a perfect complement to David’s quiche.


  7. I loved your post!! The addition of the asparagus to your quiche was a great idea. I also have joined a CSA (this is my 3rd year with this one- have tried others in the past) My CSA provides both vegetables and fruit, so it works for me- they also allow the flexibility to pick up all week! In addition, I joined a meat CSA that delivers to my town center once a month- all farm raised, grass fed, supplement free meat!
    Anyway, back to you- I have never used duck eggs and frequently my CSA has it to pick up- will try it next time for a quiche- thank you for the idea


  8. Thank you for the interesting contents in this post. Wonderful switches of ingredients, duck eggs especially – not easy to come by where I shop! That last picture is to die for!


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