a St. Patrick’s Day dinner, of sorts

19 thoughts on “a St. Patrick’s Day dinner, of sorts”

  1. Wishing you a Happy St.Paddy’s day! And thank you for the pictures of the ‘panade’ and the bread batter… I was on the right track! Never done anything like this before! I think a bit of orange in the panade sounds FAB!


    1. Thanks, Emily! I had never made bread this way before. I really wasn’t sure it was going to come together, until it did. Thank goodness it was worth a sore arm! 😏


  2. Was I surprised and HAPPY to see your link today, Marilyn. I am in California this winter so didn’t have to battle the altitude when making David’s Pain d’épices which I really thought was delicious. Since I want to make this again later for hostess and holiday giving, I appreciate all your high altitude tips and techniques and ingredients suggestions you use to make your recipes better. You’re the Pro. I hope Life is going well for you and yours. XOX


  3. So nice to see you blogging with us again! I used some star anise in my bread, too, which I ground in my coffee grinder. I hadn’t remembered that I was out of anise. I love your St. Paddy’s Day menu – the stew makes for an interesting twist.


  4. Gorgeous bread and thank you so much for the tip re sifting the flours. I mean, I had the sore arm, but I’m keeping that in mind for next time (because there will be one with that bread recipe). And those apricot blossoms are absolutely gorgeous. I can imagine their fragrance, too.


  5. Wonderful Pain d’epices! I just followed the recipe and had a bit of trouble with the rise here in high altitude Calgary. I will change it a bit the next time…
    I bet this stew was wonderful with brisket…


  6. Good tip on the sifting. I had some flour lumps, but I didn’t mention them. I like how you combined the brisket and the carbonnade for a special St Patrick’s Day treat! We had our St. Pat’s day celebration Sunday. Home-corned beef. colcannon (great minds…), roasted vegs plus soda bread. It’s good to see you cooking with us again. Welcome back!


    1. Thanks, Betsy! Wow, you did double bread! I usually make soda bread too, but we’re cutting down on the carbs (just kidding). Yeah, full disclosure on the lumps (I should’ve known)


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