just released cookbook review – Genius Recipes

4 thoughts on “just released cookbook review – Genius Recipes”

  1. I just purchased and received this cookbook. Didn’t you ever make Marie-Hélène’s apple cake from AMFT. It is one of my favorite recipes from Dorie. Love that you’re back blogging.


    1. You’ll have fun with this book. I still have many recipes ear-marked to do. And yes, I did make the apple cake originally with Dorie. Good Grief, is your memory good!


  2. Hey Marilyn, so great to see your posts again! I haven’t been blogging much; my life has taken a different job direction and I’m monumentally busy, and happy.
    I debated whether to buy this book, and am still on the fence. I know they have great recipes, but I made a lot of them already. Anyway, your review is a lot of help.
    Enjoy the spring!


    1. Hey, Paula, back at you finally! Busy and happy are good, aren’t they?! Well, we thought it was spring here, but it snowed last night!


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